Warning: This is a Positivity Post for Women Everywhere

That does mean it is a post that in any way is against men. If you read this as anything to the contrary, you are the problem, not me or my words. Thank you.

There is nothing more mystical to me than a woman of great knowledge, power or strength. There are also few things as disheartening to witness as a woman who is consistently having her knowledge, power or strength tested. As a nation, we have witnessed this during the entirety of the 2016 presidential election. Hillary Clinton has faced blatant sexism head on again and again, in nearly every interaction she has had with the media.

Everyone has been a witness to this disheartening effect in their personal lives, too. Though it is often the result of misogyny, the particular instances which have inspired this post are related to emotional trauma.

It is difficult to watch someone you admire fight back tears, and it’s even harder when there is no way for you to help them in that fight. However, I did not sit down to write this post just to let it dwell on sad things or end it negatively – I have a point. Let us go back to the mysticism I referred to before.

Women are amazing. To any woman who reads this, you are amazing.

We do not get told that enough, at least not for the reasons that matter. Thus the body image issues. Thus the internalized misogyny we often hold in the back of our minds so it may rear its head in times of doubt. It’s true that our strength is not often enough praised, so much so that we sometimes forget it exists, but it is also true that women can and have endured so much.

So, I wanted to write a short post to act as a reminder both to myself and to those who identify as a woman who may read this at any point: you have the ability to overcome whatever cruel act the world sends your way. I promise you. Please also remember that you are beautiful, not only externally as a human being that exists physically on this earth but also internally as an entity in this universe.

You are intelligent. You are skillful. You are courageous. You are capable. You are loved. You do not need anyone’s approval to be you.

You are swirling energy of radiant light that just so happens to currently exist in the shape of a human being, and you will get through whatever it is that currently weighs heavily on your heart.

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