Hosting my first community service event

A short post on the importance of loving and positive spaces

I hosted my first community service event this morning and only half of the people who originally signed up actually attended – but I’m not disappointed.

When the day began and people started to back out via text message, I was concerned that my first event wouldn’t go well. I had put a lot of pressure on myself to make this the best event possible, and in the process I managed to forget one of the most integral rules of event planning – you can plan every single detail, but there’s no way to guarantee it will go like you thought it would. Just so you know, that’s okay.

As soon as my volunteers began to show, a large part of my concern dissolved. I had a group of students that were happy to be where they were, and though some were timid, we all had an easy time making conversation.

A positive attitude can make or break an experience.

The event took place at a no-kill cat sanctuary in Indianapolis called Cats Haven (I high encourage you to give them a visit). This meant that we spent our time in a facility that houses over 120  felines, most of which are elderly or special needs.

It takes an especially big heart to dedicate one’s life to caring for such animals, and that much was immediately apparent in the women who operate Cats Haven.

We were welcomed by people who were eager to share their space with us (and by kitties who were eager to be petted). I couldn’t have asked for a more positive atmosphere. At that point any concern I had left melted away. The women at Cats Haven have an immense amount of love for the cats, and they hosted us IUPUI students just as warmly.

Overall, the positive energy in the house was just as tangible as the cat hair, which is what made the event special, not the number of attendees.


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