How your represent your organization matters

I recently turned down a paid opportunity with a local organization, a very bold move on my part. I had to make the decision to trust that better opportunities would present themselves in the future, a line of thought that is not typical for my realist brain.

On paper, the position seemed like a great opportunity: paid, part-time, working events for a non-profit organization – something which I love to do. So why did I turn it down?

The multiple interactions I had with the nonprofit’s representative all indicated a lack of organization, attention to detail, and overall negative attitude.

Now, this is not a call-out post. I am stepping away from the human instinct to be frustrated with the organization and re-framing this as a learning opportunity for myself to be more careful about how I interact with others in my professional life and how I represent the people that I work for.

I have always been a person who pays attention to details, but we all know typos and silly mistakes happen. In this situation, mistakes only caused the organization to look for a different person to fill their intern position. In my profession though, a mistake could cost an organization an important client.

I’m definitely going to pay closer attention to the things I say and send!

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