Experiential Update: Digital Content Strategist for A Year

As of January 30th, I have had my job as a writer and content strategist with the IUPUI Division of Undergraduate Education for a year! This is a huge milestone for me as a young professional, and I thought I would celebrate by reviewing what I’ve learned and creating a master post of the published articles I’ve written during my time in the role.

A large portion of my time has been spent interviewing various members of the IUPUI community, experiences which have enhanced my journalistic and interpersonal skills. I have spent time chatting with over 20 students, faculty, staff, and administrators, each with their own perspectives and personalities. I know how to approach individuals of differing backgrounds in a professional manner, and how to lead an interview in order to produce the necessary information for the best story.

Of course, once the interviews have been conducted, I must be able to compile the words and information I’ve gathered into one coherent, concise article. This is easier said than done! For some stories, I have worked with as many as five informants, not including additional sources like spreadsheets or research reports. Being able to pull from upwards of five pages of information in order to write one or two page articles is a skill that has helped me in all facets of my academic and professional career.

Concise and effective language is not only important in articles, but on the formatting and design of websites as well. During the first several months with the Division, I worked closely with my supervisor and web editors to improve the readiness and flow of webpages for various programs and departments at the university. Though it is far more difficult to explain or demonstrate this process without before and after visuals, the photo below shows just how complicated the many layers of the Division’s website are:

Reorganizing websites and rewriting the copy on the landing pages demanded that I think critically about digital design and copywriting, a thought process that was new for me when I first started the position last winter.

The job has provided other benefits as well, such as increasing my confidence as a writer and improving my time-management skills.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of work that I have done during my time with the Division of Undergraduate Education.

Reaching Students Who Believe They are Unreachable.

Transformative Education: Fostering Success.

Transformative Education: Changing the Game.

Transformative Education: Altering Reality.

Student Commencement Speaker Discusses Her Path to Graduation.

Catching Up with a Recent IUPUI Grad.

Becoming a Leader.

Gaining Confidence Through Involvement.

Learning to Believe in Herself.

Learning How to Be Successful.

In recent months, I have been working on the largest project yet – hopefully I will be able to have the published link to you soon!

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