Spring Break Updates

There are two days left of spring break for my junior year in college! I know the remaining weeks of the semester are going to fly by (I better get that research paper finished). Thanks to some news I received this week I have a better idea of how my summer is going to go.

I have signed on to be a summer intern with HWC Engineering! This new venture is really exciting because I will be doing communications and P.R. for a different sector than I ever have before. Engineering? No, politics! I’m excited to say that I will be working on a pilot program with the company that assists mayoral candidates around the state with building name recognition in their communities.

This internship is a brand new type of leadership opportunity and I’m so grateful to be one of the people selected for this position. I can’t wait to start in May!

Also as part of my much-needed break, I spent yesterday in Chicago with Chelsea. I’ve been wanting us to take a day trip there for months now, and I’m glad to be able to say that it happened and that it was awesome.

We got up super early to make the drive, and got to the city right before our first destination, The Art Institute of Chicago, opened for the day. To kill some time, we wandered around Millennium Park and took our quintessential “Bean” photo. We spent the majority of the trip in the art museum, exploring its huuuuge collection. While I definitely enjoyed the experience, my favorite part was getting to see Chelsea so excited about seeing her favorite artists’ works in person.

For lunch, we headed north to the Chicago Diner, a tiny vegetarian place. Unbeknownst to us, the restaurant is located in Boystown, Chicago’s LGBT neighborhood. We stumbled into this colorful, welcoming neighborhood and ate some great food. While eating our plant-based entrees, Chelsea looked up Roscoe’s Tavern, a gay bar across the street, on social media and came across a glorious four-day old tweet.



My favorite drag queen, the one-and-only Trixie Mattel, was in town! I never originally intended to stay in Chicago past dinner time since the drive back is three hours long, but I definitely couldn’t leave knowing Trixie was going to be there for the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3. So, we hung around downtown until 5 and headed to Roscoe’s for what turned out to be an amazing night (and the perfect way to end our trip).

We spent the night crammed into the tavern with literally hundreds of Drag Race fans, singing, screaming, laughing along together. Famed queens Trixie Mattel and Willam were onstage providing commentary and cracking jokes during commercial breaks. Putting aside the dirty looks I received from having to shove my way out of the building to renew payment for our parking space before the show began, it was a great experience. Best of all, I was in the room with Trixie as she found out that she was the newest member of the All Stars Hall of Fame!

I realize, if you don’t watch the show none of this last bit means anything to you. That’s fine. The main takeaway is that I’ve had a great spring break! It was a good day in Chicago and thanks to my supervisor at HWC I officially have a job for the summer, which was something that’s been stressing me out. All that’s left right now is to get my head back into ‘academic’ mode and finish this semester out strong.

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