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Design – Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis

Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis distributes a monthly newsletter via email. From February of 2018 to May of 2018, a portion of my responsibilities as the organization’s public relations intern was to create the content for this newsletter and send it out to over 7,000 subscribers via Salesforce. I was also invited to change the look of the newsletter, which resulted in the following header being utilized.


This design, which includes Girls Inc.’s trademark pink and white colors, was created with the intention of getting subscribers’ attention upon opening the email. It was also important to me that the newsletter was indicative of the organization’s overall playfulness and thus distinguished from a typical company’s newsletter. This organization serves little girls, many of whom love the color pink, so why not be just as bold as the Girls Inc. mission encourages all girls to be?

Keeping that sentiment in mind, I designed several other pieces of promotional materials during my time at Girls Inc., with particular attention being paid to the organization’s branding.

The image below was a document designed to give potential donors a snapshot of what Girls Inc. accomplishes on an annual basis. Please note that these numbers are not a final reflection of the reach of these programs. 

One-sheet 2017 Annual Report.pngI also particularly enjoyed creating an all new flyer for the Young Women in Leadership program:

YWIL Flyer

And finally, here is a Girls Inc. Brochure that I created, which turns a very large amount of copy – everything that Girls Inc. does for the Indy community – into six short panels.

Though this is not an exhaustive list of items that I designed during my time with the organization, I think that these files give you a great idea of my personal design style. It was a lot of fun to put these things together, especially when my work was benefiting such a great cause!

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