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Social Media – Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis

As part of my spring internship at Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis, I operated the organization’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

I orchestrated multiple campaigns throughout this time. For example, every Saturday was #STEMSaturday on Twitter and Facebook, where I would share an article about women in STEM.


Social media was also utilized heavily during the organization’s spring fundraising campaign, which you can read about in the sampling of blogs I wrote here.


Here is a sample Social Media Guide I put together to help the organization’s executive board promote the Touchstone Awards on Twitter and Facebook.

I also created the Girls Inc. Instagram, utilizing strategies that caused us to gain 500 followers within four months of the account’s creation. Any posts you see between January 15, 2018 and May 3, 2018 were created by me! I had a lot of fun with this platform, and was able to get a better understanding of the ways Instagram can benefit a business or organization.

The first-ever campaign that I organized was #MeetOurTeam, which I chose to do to put faces to the organization. As a new intern at the time, taking their portraits was also a nice way to get to know the staff members better.


From there, I played around with different types of posts to see what worked best. The majority of the content you’ll see is intentionally of the girls who participate in Girls Inc. programs. Not only does it showcase the organization’s active role in the Indy community, it highlights the girls – the people that the organization exists to empower.


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