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Twitter – Indiana INTERNnet

For my summer internship with Indiana INTERNnet, I regularly assist with social media efforts.

The Indiana INTERNnet Twitter account is well-established, and has close to 4,000 followers. The organization’s audience on Twitter is a mixture of Indiana employers and college students.


The majority of my responsibility when it comes to Twitter is to promote the twice-weekly blogs that I write for the organization. I’ve had a great deal of fun from brainstorming these blogs, and when I am creating the tweets that promote them I maintain a professional tone while explaining why the blog was written in the first place. For example:


This is one of the top-performing tweets we had in the month of July, I believe because the content is so timely. Thousands of college students just graduated and are facing the harsh reality of the work force. Other students, still in college, are starting to realize how close they are to graduation and they want to know what all their options are. I happen to fall into the second category, which is why I did some research and wrote this blog to begin with. This tweet had a total of 1,031 impressions, with 14 total engagements.


Due to the nature of the organization, which is meant to appeal to students, we’re able to have some fun with tweets. I am a big proponent of using gifs whenever possible – they’re funny and help you generate more impressions by giving you a moving visual.

This gif, Tom Haverford from Parks & Rec, is great for content related to salaries, wages, and paychecks, topics that we either write or share articles about regularly.


A recent tweet with this gif was, “Did you know? @payscale gives you salary estimates for potential jobs – a useful tool when you’re on the hunt for a new position. Know what your skills are worth!” This tweet had 826 impressions and 18 total engagements within 8 hours, including Payscale’s official Twitter responding with a polite ‘thank you’ for the shout-out we gave them.

Mentions & Engagement

Shout-outs and @’s are very important with Twitter. It’s common in Twitter culture to respond to mentions, and engaging with accounts who have a higher follower count than you can give you a significant boost (Payscale has 73,000 followers).

The sharing of resources exhibited in the above tweet is also pertinent to the type of organization that Indiana INTERNnet is. It exists to help connect students and employers across the state of Indiana, so as an organization we want to share content that helps students achieve their professional goals.

Trending Hashtags

One of the best ways to maintain a good Twitter account is to keep up with what’s trending. Most of the time, it’s not feasible for an organization to have someone sitting around monitoring Twitter for the latest hashtag trends, but it’s good to get in the habit of checking for these whenever you have a moment of down time. Today’s popular hashtag, #MyLeastFavoritePhraseIs, has been trending since last night and it just so happened to pair well with the most recent blog post that I wrote and published for Indiana INTERNnet:


Keeping up with trending tags and memes isn’t always easy – things move quickly in the digital world! I try to keep an eye out for what’s happening on Twitter and Facebook and quickly decide whether or not it could be applicable to Indiana INTERNnet’s content and overall mission.

Current Events & Occasions

Keeping with that idea, it’s good practice to keep an eye out for big news stories or relevant events:

Tweet Ex1

Even though a sinkhole in downtown Indianapolis might not immediately sound like something that relates to a career development organization, a quick bit of research explained the issue behind the sinkhole and inspired me to draft the above tweet.

kebabsA tweet about National Grilling Month is typically accompanied with pictures of grilled meats, but I decided to take things a different route with this tweet and utilize some good old-fashioned word play.

Re-purposing Content

For an organization that’s small, it can be hard to continuously generate new content. Having a good mental catalog of my past blog posts has helped me create tweets to keep our account updated (while also bringing attention to articles that I’ve worked hard to write!). We had a heat advisory the first full week of July this year, so I threw out a #TBT to my blog post about dressing properly in hot weather.

hot cat


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