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Graphics & Branding – Mayor Tom DeBaun

As part of my summer internship with civil engineering firm, HWC Engineering, I have been working with three individuals running for mayor in the May 2019 election. Mayor Tom DeBaun of Shelbyville, Ind. has publicly announced his intentions to run for re-election, which means I can now share a little bit of the work I have been doing for him and his team.

First and foremost, I was tasked with “re-branding” Mayor DeBaun’s online presence. One of the things we’ve been focusing on with this program is utilizing Facebook as an advertising and public relations tool. I wanted Mayor DeBaun’s Facebook page to match cohesively with his previous campaign branding, seen below:

old signage

As you can see, there’s a lot going on in this yard sign, so I chose to move forward with a few key elements when designing the new branding for Mayor DeBaun’s FB cover photo.

The resulting image, which utilizes a similar but more modernized color scheme, echoes the old brand. To keep things simple but still have some contract, I used two fonts. To stay with the black and yellow color scheme, I utilized gray scale photos. This brightens up the overall design, while not straying too far from the sign above.

TOM DeBAUN - Facebook cover (1)

In addition to the still image headlining Mayor DeBaun’s Facebook page, I created a video announcing his candidacy. You can view the post here.

You’ll notice that I use the same photos in both the cover photo and the video. This is partially to maintain consistency, but the images are also reflective of Mayor DeBaun’s values.

As a lifelong resident of the city who has been raising a family there, it’s important to showcase that he’s a family man, which can be done by including a photo of him and his daughter. Ultimately, he is trying to make Shelbyville a great place to live and raise children. To help accomplish this, Mayor DeBaun has emphasized that he is constantly working to improve education initiatives in the city. We even touched on this in the press release announcing his intentions to run for re-election.

You’ll also commonly see photos relating the community trails that Mayor DeBaun played a large part in establishing. An avid bicyclist himself, he believes that having the trail system is a great way to keep Shelbyville residents active and enjoying nature.

Overall, I’ve had a great deal of fun working within the constraints of re-vamping an old campaign design and I’m very happy with how the DeBaun brand has turned out so far.



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