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My Final Thoughts on #J360

As anyone who follows me on social media knows by now, I took a course this semester called J360, otherwise known as Online Public Relations. The course is essentially designed to be an overview of social media and its many uses in the PR world. I thought it would be easy. Having used social media professionally for over two years now, I should have known better.

Setting time aside each week to make sure that my social media profiles were updated regularly and that I was hitting my post quota was really difficult for me. For the majority of this semester, I was responsible for generating content for twelve other social media accounts through my various jobs, which meant that I was on social media all day for work and then had to come home and be on it at night to meet my class requirements. Making 20 tweets a week is harder than it sounds! I am certainly glad that this course was offered online because I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish so many other things this semester without that flexibility.

I did learn about a pretty cool little app called Buffer, where you can schedule your personal tweets, Instagram posts, and LinkedIn posts ahead of time. I utilized that tool quite a bit throughout the semester and I highly recommend it, especially to other bloggers who are trying to promote their blog posts on social media. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend any of the online class lectures because I had another in person class while those were happening so I learned about most class discussions later on via YouTube, which was kind of weird.  

I don’t think this course necessarily had an effect on my thoughts about social media. I do think that this class helped me stay active online – especially with Instagram, which is a platform that I struggle to use regularly. Additionally, the weekly blog topics did force me to be consistent on uploading things here so that was helpful. I think that my top three blogs I wrote this semester would have to be “Mobile Means Business”, “How to make the most of a three day vacation”, and “Collecting Places to Call Home.” If you haven’t read those, please check them out!

I fully admit that I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to maintain this site in the spring semester since I’ll be working full time and have a full schedule of courses, but I promise to do my best! I am taking a fiction writing course in the spring, so it’s possible I’ll have to share some of the projects that come out of that on my blog as fun side category. I’ll keep you posted.

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