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What does a Business Development Coordinator do?

My first blog of the New Year! A lot has happened since I last posted here in December, but I wanted to start by filling people in on my new full-time, salaried job.

I’m now officially settled into my new role as Business Development Coordinator at Hirons, and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what that role entails. Because agency life is set up a bit differently from other sectors I have experience in, Business Development was a whole new department for me. (And one that I’ve truly enjoyed so far!) 

Creating Client Proposals

The largest chunk of my responsibilities comes down to putting together documents that can entice new clients to hire our agency for the work that they need done. Because Hirons is full service, that work can be a variety of things from minor social media help to creating entirely new concepts for a company’s brand.

For smaller projects, I must put together a scope of work that outlines each phase of the work that Hirons will do and the proposed budget and timeline for completion. The scope is is typically a Word Document and is a fairly simple layout that aims to get our expertise and project goals across quickly.

Sometimes, companies are seeking a more extensive amount of work will send out a request for proposal (RFP). This is typically a lengthy PDF with multiple sections and requirements. I must create a response proposal, which usually means I will be laying everything out in InDesign. 

Project Management

As one of three staff members in my department, I oversee a lot of projects and rely heavily on other departments to put together the aforementioned proposals. So many different moving parts requires a person to keep track of them, which is, you guessed it, my job.

My project management responsibilities include tracking new client budgets, assigning tasks to our Federal Business Development Assistant and Business Development Assistant, following up with colleagues who are working on business development projects and reporting on all department proceedings to my supervisor. At any given time, I have a spreadsheet of at least twenty projects or to-dos that I must know the status of and know who’s in charge of them.

Company Promotions

Like any agency, Hirons has a number of strategies we use to promote our company to potential clients. I am heavily involved with our Promotions Team and have recently taken on a great deal of responsibility over A portion of the promotions work I have done includes writing and editing website copy, drafting social media posts, proofreading external communications and reviewing to Hirons podcast episodes. Yes, podcast episodes! One of my favorite parts of my job is finding ways to let other people know how great the agency is at what we do.

There you have it – a very condensed and simplified overview of some of my responsibilities as Business Development Coordinator. If you’d like a full job description, click here.

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