Three Ways to Ease Your Wanderlust

It’s springtime, which means that I have been dodging photos of people traveling left and right for weeks. Whether it’s people posing in cute swimwear on perfectly Instagram-worthy beaches or uploading jauntily-angled images of European cafes, there seems to be an unending supply of envy-worthy posts out there.

On top of that, I am wrapping up one of the most tiresome semesters of my college career. Working and going to school full time for the past four months has me completely burnt out with my routine and surroundings. Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy with where my life is at right now and I know I have plenty to look forward to, but sometimes it’s hard not to get down on myself.

I am very happy for my friends who are about to have these wonderful experiences! But when I am surrounded by peers who are moving across the country or about to spend a month in Greece, it’s easy to feel like I’ve fallen behind somehow or that I am doing something wrong.

Explore the world via

If you’re thinking about moving to a different city someday or you are just curious about what other places are like, I encourage you to check out This nifty site allows you to enter your ideal preferences for the place you’d like to live, including living costs, job market prospects, travel connectivity, crime rate and more!

I also love that you can compare your results to the city you currently live in. For example, Indianapolis is actually ranked #17 in cities in the U.S. compared to my preferences for my ideal location. You can get pretty granular data by looking at the quality of life breakdown for each city.

Bonus tip: I much prefer the website to the mobile app.

Host your own personal episode of House Hunters via Zillow

I love looking at houses – one of my dreams is to someday be on an episode of House Hunters. When I don’t have the time to binge-watch rich people whining about quartz versus granite countertops, I open up Zillow. It’s a popular site/app, but if you don’t know about it I’d be happy to chat with you for days (Okay, maybe not days but a solid five minutes, at least.)

Zillow lets you scroll over any area in the United States and plug in your preferences for price, square footage, bedroom count, etc. You can even choose whether to look at homes for sale or for rent, and select either house, apartment, condo or townhome.

It’s a great tool if you’re looking to move soon or you just want a better idea of what’s out there in your price range. Plus, occasionally, you’ll come across a really weird or really beautiful house and get to pretend you’re on HGTV as you swipe through the pictures.

Bonus tip: I recommend the mobile app rather than the website.

Hit the road!

This is clearly the most expensive and least accessible of my pieces of advice. However, if it’s within your budget and schedule, I highly suggest getting out of town for a day or two. This past Thursday, my fiancee and I decided to spend the weekend in Louisville.

Although it’s only a two-hour drive, the scenery and atmosphere in Louisville was enough of a shake up to our routine that we both felt like we got the vacation we’d been needing. We stayed in a hotel half an hour from downtown, which kept the cost low, and avoided the busy downtown area for the most part.

Once we arrived Friday night, we had drinks and a bite to eat at Bluegrass Brewing Company. We spent Saturday exploring the east side of the city, wandering in and out of boutiques in the Highlands shopping district and exploring the historic Cave Hill Cemetery. We also made a detour out of town to catch a glimpse of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Aside from a few inexpensive souvenirs (my fiancee loves stickers), the costs of the trip were attributed to food, lodging and gas rather than paying for activities.

Bonus tip: For delicious vegan food, check out Half-Peach Bakery & Cafe and V Grits.

These are just a few things I like to do to help with this feeling of wanderlust or feeling “stuck.” If you have more suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

1 thought on “Three Ways to Ease Your Wanderlust”

  1. Glad u could get away an enjoy life. Do not let things get u down. We r who we r not someone we would like to be. With all the stuff an trips! Love u.


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