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Over the course of the last several months, I have been heavily involved in the redevelopment of Hirons’ website. This has included writing copy for web pages, editing the entire site’s copy and providing feedback on user experience / navigation.

Among the new features of the site, we made the decision to break out several of the agency’s strengths into a new Specialities section in the main menu navigation. This allowed us to have greater flexibility with the actual Services, while still drawing site visitors’ attention to these specializations. As business development manager for the agency, I was responsible for finalizing the copy on these pages, ensuring they aligned with the tone and positioning we use in our business development pitches.

Specialities landing page
Rural Reach landing page, one of the specialities I helped develop content for

In addition to developing website copy, I had the opportunity to review the website at various stages of development. From helping select an initial color palette and theme, all the way down to last minute tweaks to page layouts, I weighed in on how our potential clients – our main target audience – would likely feel about the website. Was it easy to use? Could they find the information they needed quickly? Most importantly, did the content compel individuals to convert?

While the primary goal of the agency website is driving new inquiries to obtain clients, a secondary goal for Hirons is driving job applications to grow our team. The previous landing page for Careers communicated some of the agency’s unique selling points as an employer, primarily that it is employee-owned, but I identified an opportunity for us to be more overt about the agency’s commitment to a diverse, inclusive workplace.

Diversity, equity and inclusion section of the Careers landing page

The third section on the new Careers landing page speaks directly to Hirons’ commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. As you can see in the above screenshot, if users click in the appropriate area, they will be taken to a separate page that lists out the agency’s full statement / commitment as it pertains to DEI. While I acknowledge that actions are louder than words – especially in this area – this gives potential job applicants an idea of the company culture they would be walking into on their first day.

As you can probably tell, I am quite proud to have been a part of this process. While I have managed components of the website’s content over the course of the last two years with Hirons, I had not previously been involved in the development of a website from start to finish. It was a great professional development opportunity!

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