About Affable Ambitions

What does affable ambitions mean?

Always a sucker for great alliteration, I chose the title of this blog several years ago.

Affable, which means “characterized by ease and friendliness,” reflects both how I wish to present myself professionally and how I want to treat myself internally. I have not always been patient with myself or forgiving of my flaws, a struggle that I know many people (especially women) can empathize with.

Ambition refers to my work ethic and consciously forward-thinking mind. I had big dreams and an active imagination growing up, two things which influenced my decision to start writing so young.

I always continue to think about my future and the impact that each decision will have on it. I want to be known as a person who’s never let something stop them from moving forward in their career or in their personal life. I also want to be kind to myself and others around me.

Thus, Affable Ambitions.