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Girls Rock! Indianapolis Facebook Fundraiser

Girls Rock! Indianapolis’ annual summer camp, like all events, looked differently this year. For the first time, the organization delivered its day camp entirely virtually. Rather than gearing up for an in-person concert, volunteers taught the kids how to produce songs digitally. While our total number of campers was smaller, post-camp survey results indicated the… Continue reading Girls Rock! Indianapolis Facebook Fundraiser

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LinkedIn: Hirons

Throughout each of the roles I've had in my career so far, I've always enjoyed coordinating social media content. I am one of the team members currently on Hirons' social media team. Each of us is responsible for scheduling content on a different one of the social platforms, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… Continue reading LinkedIn: Hirons

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My Final Thoughts on #J360

As anyone who follows me on social media knows by now, I took a course this semester called J360, otherwise known as Online Public Relations. The course is essentially designed to be an overview of social media and its many uses in the PR world. I thought it would be easy. Having used social media… Continue reading My Final Thoughts on #J360

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Facebook is Still a Great Communication Tool

"What social media platform do you like best for business?" My answer to this question has gone back and forth many times in the years since I was first asked it. Every platform brings its own unique set of pros and cons to the table, and one platform does not fit all clients. Twitter allows… Continue reading Facebook is Still a Great Communication Tool

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Social Media – City of Greenwood

As part of my internship at Hirons, I was asked to help put together a social media calendar for the City of Greenwood's upcoming event series, "Community Conversations: The Future of Greenwood Parks." These two events were proposed to create a public forum for Greenwood residents to voice their opinions on how three different Greenwood… Continue reading Social Media – City of Greenwood

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Social Media – Festival Country Indiana

One of my projects early on at Hirons was updating Pinterest boards for Festival Country Indiana. It's not every day that you get asked to comb through your company's photo archives and find aesthetically pleasing fall photos, but when you do - you get to have a lot of fun! The resulting Pinterest boards were… Continue reading Social Media – Festival Country Indiana

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The Most Important Video on the Internet

Sort of. This week, those of us who are enrolled in the online public relations class at IUPUI were given an assigned topic to blog about: “any web videos and their importance to digital media.” This request from our professor was both specific and vague enough that I was stumped at first. Then, a light… Continue reading The Most Important Video on the Internet

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Should Twitter be doing more to protect its users?

Let’s talk about Twitter. The social media platform has been around since 2006 and has undergone a lot of changes. The social media industry, as I mentioned in my last blog post, is ever-changing and Twitter is no exception. However, the app has come under fire lately for failing to keep its users safe from… Continue reading Should Twitter be doing more to protect its users?

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Social Media Graphics – Indiana INTERNnet

Below you will find several sets of graphics I designed over the course of this summer as part of my internship at Indiana INTERNnet. The majority of these graphics were meant to promote blog posts that I wrote, each of which you can find under the "Published Writing" tab of this site.      … Continue reading Social Media Graphics – Indiana INTERNnet