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Finding Futsal, an athletic outlet for inmates at Marion Co. Jail

Over the past several years, it has become increasingly common for correctional facilities to provide sports recreation for their inmates as a potential diversion from illicit activities. A 2012 report from the Prisoners’ Education Trust, even states that becoming actively involved in a sports league during detention can foster “an alternative social network, access to positive role models, improved employability, and develop a pro-social identity.”

The practice of encouraging sports in correctional facilities can be found locally, at the Marion County Jail, which has provided a basketball court for those seeking physical activity. The jail, which is part of four-facility system that houses over 2,500 inmates, noticed a recent decline in interest in basketball from its inmates but an interesting innovation on their parts: deflating the facility basketball and kicking it around in makeshift games of soccer.

Major Tanesha Crear began reaching out to local soccer organizations and brought the idea to her supervisor. The Public Information Officer for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Katie Carlson, connected with Indiana Futsal. As a game that requires less space than soccer and can be played indoors, futsal seemed like a natural fit.

Due to one Deputy’s thoughtfulness and a collaboration among Indianapolis community members, Indiana Futsal was able to donate two inflatable futsal goals, futsal balls, and an air pump to the Marion County Jail in June, giving inmates the athletic outlet they really needed.

Justin Becht, Director of Indiana Futsal, says that the new set-up will be especially beneficial for the younger inmates, “There’s a need for incarcerated youth to be able to play and to release some tension, we were happy to help with that. A large part of Indiana Futsal’s mission is to bring the sport to populations that really need it.” Representatives from the jail also added that while physical activity helps people while inside, it is also encouraged for inmates preparing for re-entry as a way to bond with their families once they’ve left the facility.

As a result of the community connection made between the two organizations this summer, Indiana Futsal will partner with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office for the Mayor’s International Futsal Cup later this year.

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Let’s have lunch

A note on healthy eating, mainly for myself.

Deviating from the normal today, I’d like to talk a bit about food. More specifically, my difficulty in making healthy choices regarding what I consume. At the beginning of this year, I had stopped drinking soda and was eating more healthily than I probably have, ever. After three or so months of eating better and exercising regularly, my motivation stalled. A pattern has thus developed wherein I make poor choices about what I put in my body, feel disappointed or angry with myself, and continue to make poor choices in these times of particularly low moods. During good times, I am also ‘treating myself’ way too much.

This struggle, which has re-emerged many times in my twenty year lifespan, is born out of a lack of self-discipline as well as lack of funds. It’s much easier, as we all know, to grab something at a drive thru than to be considerate about what we’re eating and to prepare meals ahead of time for occasions when you’re too tired to cook.

My point is, ultimately, that I need to get back to the mindset I had six months ago. The breakthrough at that time, which is something I let slip from my mind and need to grasp again, is that sugar is an addiction. Every time your brain says, “[Insert food, in my case, a McDonald’s Coke] is good and I think you deserve some!” It’s a lie. You don’t actually need or want the sugary item because it’s just so yummy. You want it because sugar is an addictive substance and your body, when it has sugar in system, is always going to want more unless you learn to tell your cravings to shut up.

The best way, obviously, to avoid this is to cut out sugar and artificial sweeteners altogether. It’s very overwhelming to consider going cold turkey once you realize all the things that have sugar in them. I made a chef salad for lunch today, which is not the healthiest option but better than what I often eat when I’m home alone, and the ranch dressing I used has sugar in it. Loads of every day foods that we don’t consider sugary have the substance in them! For me, it’s not realistic to cut sugar out entirely, but I do have to set boundaries, which starts with remembering that consuming sugary food items is not a reward, but enabling an addiction.


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