You got this:

A message to the doubts in my mind and the knots in my stomach.

Less than a week prior to beginning my internship at the Indiana State Museum, the nerves have started to kick in. It’s routine at this point, for me to get nervous days before any big event in my life, despite the fact that nothing particularly traumatic has ever come from a similar event; things almost always turn out 100% better than my doubt-filled mind has decided they’ll go.

This internship opportunity has multi-layered reasons to cause anxiety for me, which I will not delve into for the sake of positivity (WordPress is telling me that ‘positivity’ is not a word, but I double-checked, and it is). On some level, my brain is well aware that I can handle whatever the museum and my new supervisors might throw at me, but that hasn’t stopped me from noticing the doubts rolling around in the back of my mind over the past few days.

So, I sat down to write this blog entry as a reminder to myself that I can, in fact, handle this and that those doubts are welcome to leave any time now because they have no grounds for their argument:

At twenty years old, I have worked hard enough to secure multiple scholarship opportunities which are covering the cost of my schooling, I have a steady job with a supervisor who genuinely values my work and well-being, I have support system in my relationship, my family, and my university, and I’m well-known for having a great work ethic and abundant self-discipline. I can do this, and more than that, I can be one of the best interns the Indiana State Museum has ever had.

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Because I’ll always hear this phrase in George Lopez’s voice

Holding Myself Accountable: Positive Vibes

This is the face of a young woman who’s happy and grateful for what she has. (Though shy about posting makeup-less photos)
     There is something that I’ve been very conscious of lately, to the point where I’ve decided it warrants a rare blog post. I know, I need to do better about keeping this thing updated. I’ve become increasingly concerned that some posts I make on social media can be read as ungrateful.

      I have a tendency to make sarcastic status updates, complaining about minor inconveniences such as noisy neighbors, and while some of the people who live in my building do get quite rowdy, I want to assure everyone that I’m aware of how privileged I am to even have an apartment to call my own. 

      I am a college student who resides with someone they love in a spacious apartment in a safe neighborhood. I have a job and receive scholarships to help with school, and I’ve not yet ever had to be concerned about paying my bills. I have a family which cares about me and lives within driving distance, and I have a car which can get me there any time I need it. I acknowledge all these things, and on a daily basis I think to myself how grateful I am for them. I am going to try and do better at sharing that gratefulness with the universe. 

      For the time being, I will end this post by saying I’m very happy with where I am right now. I have people in my life who love and support me, and I’ve also had many incredible opportunities which are helping me grow personally and professionally, and I know there’s plenty more around the corner. I still get irritated at little things sometimes because I am human, but overall I’m thrilled to be where I am.