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Girls Rock! Indianapolis Facebook Fundraiser

Girls Rock! Indianapolis’ annual summer camp, like all events, looked differently this year. For the first time, the organization delivered its day camp entirely virtually. Rather than gearing up for an in-person concert, volunteers taught the kids how to produce songs digitally. While our total number of campers was smaller, post-camp survey results indicated the… Continue reading Girls Rock! Indianapolis Facebook Fundraiser

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No one benefits from uncertainty

Lessons learned in leadership from the COVID-19 pandemic The following post was written in collaboration with Deana Haworth, APR and was originally published here. I have always valued face-to-face communication, both in my personal life and in the myriad strategic communications campaigns I have led over the past two decades. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit,… Continue reading No one benefits from uncertainty

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Results v. Outcomes: Setting your marketing campaign up for success

I’ve been managing business development opportunities at Hirons for almost two years now, providing constant exposure to different industries and types of organizations. On a daily basis, I could be interacting with a small nonprofit, a large business-to-business manufacturer, a government agency, or any other sort of organization in between. As a firm with services… Continue reading Results v. Outcomes: Setting your marketing campaign up for success


What I’ve Learned Working in an Agency for a Year

I realized recently that my work notebook was nearly full, almost empty of pages that could hold additional scribbles and assignments. Now that it is time to retire my trusty notebook, it's also time to celebrate a milestone for my career: I've been at Hirons for one full year. When I first applied to Hirons'… Continue reading What I’ve Learned Working in an Agency for a Year

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Three Cool Things About Being in PR

Consider this post my love letter to public relations and strategic communications. Continuous professional development One of the first things that I came to appreciate about the public relations industry, and the professionals within it, was a constant dedication to professional development. This field ever-changing, and so should we be, as people who seek to… Continue reading Three Cool Things About Being in PR


Should Companies Make Candidates Take a Writing Test?

It’s long been a practice in the communications field for companies, especially larger firms, to request that their prospective employees pass a writing exam. I’ve heard many tales about these stress-inducing and difficult tests, wherein test-takers feel as though they’re trying to be tricked out of the job due to the test’s complexity. Often times,… Continue reading Should Companies Make Candidates Take a Writing Test?

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Public Relations in the Digital Era

When public relations was first introduced to the world in the early 1900s, it looked quite differently than it does now. There were no established ethics or guidelines for the industry. The first PR campaign convinced young women that smoking cigarettes was an act of rebellion  associated with women’s equality. (No, really.) However, the goal… Continue reading Public Relations in the Digital Era


How the Impact Awards Indirectly ‘Impacted’ Me

In addition to having started my campus job just over a year ago, it has also been roughly a year since I began my internship with locally-based nonprofit Indiana Futsal! What originally began as temporary internship for a sport I'd never heard of  before (Oops) has flourished into a yearlong position I'm highly grateful for.… Continue reading How the Impact Awards Indirectly ‘Impacted’ Me


Education is Empowering

I love professional development. I would spend my whole life traveling to different conferences, conventions, and workshops and drinking in all the industry knowledge I could if I had the time and money. Who knows, maybe down the road I will have a position that allows me to do plenty of that. For now, I… Continue reading Education is Empowering


How your represent your organization matters

I recently turned down a paid opportunity with a local organization, a very bold move on my part. I had to make the decision to trust that better opportunities would present themselves in the future, a line of thought that is not typical for my realist brain. On paper, the position seemed like a great… Continue reading How your represent your organization matters